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Success Story - Lia Halley

One year ago I was the heaviest I had ever been at 261lbs and a size 22.  Even though I had been overweight my WHOLE LIFE, since early childhood, I had never let myself get this bad. My diet was horrible, especially my portion control. I hadn't exercised consistently since high school.  I had just had my second child 7 months earlier, and my first one 2 years before that, and I knew it was time for a change!! I was basically "tired" of being tired!!! I had no energy to do ANYthing, let alone diet and exercise!!

Then one day my husband decided to order one of the products from Beachbody, and soon after we were hooked!! We were amazed at how good we felt, and LOOKED!! But even though I was losing weight, the other programs weren't targeting the areas that I really needed to work on the most. That's when I ordered Brazil Butt Lift, and the results started showing immediately!!  The weight and inches started melting off!! And now I'm down to 161lbs and size 8!!

Although the other programs helped me, I truly believe it was BBL that gave me the figure that I ultimately achieved from all the Beachbody programs. Leo knows which areas we as women want to focus on the most!! And still works the areas that we don't need as much work on, in just the right amounts!! I still continue to do my BBL every day and now have inspired tons of people to do the same because of my amazing results! My success has proved to them that Beachbody programs, and especially BBL, along with the right diet, and your own self motivation and determination, ANYthing is possible!

Thank you so much Leo for your time and for listening to my story!