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Success Story - Gloria Jung

Four years ago I discovered how to turn back the clock physically,how to see my self as part of the future. I had all the ingredients to look better and to become a healthier person, but not the focus.
Three months of daily exposure to the intense focus of Leandro Carvalho was contagious.

I can see many of my fitness family shaking their heads in agreement . I'm far from the only one who has benefited from the training of Leandro's Brazil Butt Lift Series. The training is for the muscles but the mind benefits in ways one can only know through doing the work. I remember the early days when I would think "I'm not in the best mood,maybe working out will help".
My general emotional status is very connected to my physical being,now that has become really clear. Also my intellectual view of how to stay active and treat my body in the best possible way has been forever transformed from self- hate and punishment when I stopped being active and ate over indulgently to just starting over again and again and again.

Yes transformation isn't permanent change that one gets and can expect to maintain itself. My transformation has been toward more and more self love ,acceptance knowing I have the positive energy for making the right choices next time if I wasn't happy with the one I made that day. Every day I am aware of the best choices and I am fortunate to have the support of Leandro and many of those he trains. I was 57 going on 58 when I went through this awesome experience in my life,and now I'm 61 looking like 55 ,you do the math ,it's all in safe,fun smartly planned training sessions that I have with the Butt Master!