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Success Story - Donna Ross


Donna Ross


Weight clearly is something that affects one’s confidence. As an actress and singer one of the most important things to me when I enter an audition room is feeling as confident as possible.  By taking control of my body and doing the Brazil Butt Lift I have gotten in the best shape of my life and am happier and more confident because of it.

Working with Leandro was truly a gift.  Leandro has a beautiful spirit and an amazing energy that is contagious.  He inspired me to achieve my goals and then to exceed them.  I have always been driven but after working with Leandro I have become even more passionate about working out, pushing my comfort zone and constantly challenging myself.  

His workouts are vigorous, varied and so much fun.  I never expected to be able to lift 20 pounds weights while doing squats let alone using 15 pound ankle weights to do kickbacks.  Getting my booty to be so bootylicious was the icing on the cake..pun intended..  Leandro is the buttmaster and knows how to target every single part of the butt from every angle and the proof is in the results.  In addition to getting a great booty I have lost 25 pounds and 23.5 inches on this incredible journey.   On his DVD’s and during workouts he always says “ I guarantee to you your body it will change”  and all I have to say is if you do the work….it definitely will!!

Donna Ross