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Success Stories
Success Story - Gloria Jung

Four years ago I discovered how to turn back the clock physically,how to see my self as part of the future. I had all the ingredients to look better and to become a healthier person, but not the focus.
Three months of daily exposure to the intense focus of Leandro Carvalho was contagious.

I can see many of my fitness family shaking their heads in agreement . I'm far from the only one who has benefited from the training of Leandro's Brazil Butt Lift Series. The training is for the muscles but the mind benefits in ways one can only know through doing the work. I remember the early days when I would think "I'm not in the best mood,maybe working out will help".
My general emotional status is very connected to my physical being,now that has become really clear. Also my intellectual view of how to stay active and treat my body in the best possible way has been forever transformed from self- hate and punishment when I stopped being active and ate over indulgently to just starting over again and again and again.

Yes transformation isn't permanent change that one gets and can expect to maintain itself. My transformation has been toward more and more self love ,acceptance knowing I have the positive energy for making the right choices next time if I wasn't happy with the one I made that day. Every day I am aware of the best choices and I am fortunate to have the support of Leandro and many of those he trains. I was 57 going on 58 when I went through this awesome experience in my life,and now I'm 61 looking like 55 ,you do the math ,it's all in safe,fun smartly planned training sessions that I have with the Butt Master!

Hillary S.

Hillary S.

Leandro Carvalho has changed my life. We have all seen those fitness infomercials where amazing body transformations happen. Well I am one of those transformed bodies.I was fortunate enough to be chosen for the Brazil Butt Lift Test Group. Not only did I have the opportunity to shape my derriere, but Leandro's program changed my entire body as well. A group of women were selected to work out with the "butt master" himself for two months, five days a week We lunged, squatted and danced our booty's off (literally). Within two weeks, I began to notice dramatic changes in my body. At the program's conclusion, I went from a size 14 to size 6. I have to credit Leandro for that. He has really changed my life---giving me a new outlook and gaining self confidence. Nothing feels or looks as good as being fit. Leandro has motivated me to keep on going, and “never settle for less”. He has made me a true believer in the power of fitness.

90 day results

Day 1 -Size 14

Day 90- Size 6

Day 1 -42% body fat

Day 90 -25% body fat

Pounds lost: 36


Success Story - Lia Halley

One year ago I was the heaviest I had ever been at 261lbs and a size 22.  Even though I had been overweight my WHOLE LIFE, since early childhood, I had never let myself get this bad. My diet was horrible, especially my portion control. I hadn't exercised consistently since high school.  I had just had my second child 7 months earlier, and my first one 2 years before that, and I knew it was time for a change!! I was basically "tired" of being tired!!! I had no energy to do ANYthing, let alone diet and exercise!!

Then one day my husband decided to order one of the products from Beachbody, and soon after we were hooked!! We were amazed at how good we felt, and LOOKED!! But even though I was losing weight, the other programs weren't targeting the areas that I really needed to work on the most. That's when I ordered Brazil Butt Lift, and the results started showing immediately!!  The weight and inches started melting off!! And now I'm down to 161lbs and size 8!!

Although the other programs helped me, I truly believe it was BBL that gave me the figure that I ultimately achieved from all the Beachbody programs. Leo knows which areas we as women want to focus on the most!! And still works the areas that we don't need as much work on, in just the right amounts!! I still continue to do my BBL every day and now have inspired tons of people to do the same because of my amazing results! My success has proved to them that Beachbody programs, and especially BBL, along with the right diet, and your own self motivation and determination, ANYthing is possible!

Thank you so much Leo for your time and for listening to my story!


Sandra Alvim

Replacing fine with extraordinary

A few years after menopause, as we women of a certain age know, we go through a process of transformation which only years later I came to finally understand; itʼs not the end but the beginning of a new consciousness and a beautiful shift in a womanʼs life.During this time we gain weight. When this began happening to me I thought, thatʼs it; Iʼm done for! My shoulders are drooping and my arms are so flabby they wobble when I wave goodbye. My hips and butt sag, my body is becoming square and blocky. I was in despair. And at that moment, I made a decision that changed the course of my life.

Looking at old pictures, I found a picture of myself when I was 27. I looked at this picture with such sadness. That was the moment when I thought to myself “I believe in all possibilities!” And I decided to change my attitude. Instead of crying and feeling sorry for myself I decided: “I will have the body I had when I was 27 years old.”

And I stared my process of transformation.

First I changed my diet.I eliminated the white stuff from my meals: like white flour, sugar, white potatoes and yeast. I kept my calorie intake to around 1200 calories a day. I eliminated fried foods and processed foods. Iʼve always had very good habits throughout my whole life; I donʼt drink soda and sweetened canned juices; I drink WATER, 8 glasses a day. But during menopause, I was eating more than usual and not really following any special diets. I was stuffing myself with chocolates and sweets to fulfill the emotional imbalance. Then I changed my meal plan and started to consume a portion of protein, vegetables, grains and greens. I consumed no fruit until I lost the weight I needed. I called my friend and personal trainer Leandro Carvalho, with whom I had exercised for more than 15 years, but I hadnʼt participated in his exercise program during the years of menopause because I felt too tired and too old to take his classes… And then he told me: “Come join and enjoy my classes at Equinox as a starting point. Along with the group classes, he prepared a special training program for me. It took me 8 months to reinvent myself, and to rebuild the body I had when I was 27 years old.

And after a few years, now I have more energy than I had at 27, and I look more fit than I ever have; at any time in my life! Now I exercise in the first row of his group classes and I am an inspiration for the 20 and 30 year old girls at the gym.

Nothing succeeds like success!

Sandra Alvim

Farha Jamieson

Standing in my bathroom in my swimsuit, I took a good look at my butt and thighs in the double mirrors, and said to my boyfriend, “What am I going to do?"  Silence.  Finally, he spoke: “They’re not going to let you compete.”  It was Spring 2010, I was Ms. New York, and the National Pageant was fast approaching.  He was right; I did not belong on that stage.  I certainly didn’t have the body of a beauty queen; my thighs had significant, very noticeable cellulite, and my butt was flat and saggy.  Pageant panic aside, it pained me to even look in the mirror.

My boyfriend added, “You better get in that gym.”  But I was already working out with a personal trainer, as I always had; I had hired (and fired!) a small army of personal trainers over the years.  No matter what I did, my butt still drooped down, hanging out of my bikini, like a 90-year-old life-long couch potato.  I even flew to the famous Canyon Ranch Health Spa to see a top Exercise Physiologist - only to be told that I was in excellent physical condition, “almost all women have cellulite,” and, regarding my flat, saggy butt, I needed to learn to “accept my natural body type.”  I walked out of there disgusted and furious - and scared.  Did I really have to accept living in a body that I hated??

The pageant was now only a few short weeks away, and I was very close to giving up.  I broke down in tears of frustration.  Was there really no solution?  Wasn’t there ANYONE that could help me??  In one, final, exasperated, random attempt, I googled, “How do I lift my butt?”  And, just like that, there was my answer: “Leandro Carvalho, creator of Brazil Butt Lift…”  I continued reading: “Trainer of Victoria’s Secret models?!?”  Wow.  “The Brazilian Butt Master?!??”  Oh my!  And he lived in the city!  I thought to myself, ‘I think I have finally found my man.’  :-)

When we met, my first impression of Leandro was that he was an exceptionally gracious person, in the most sincere and heartfelt way, with a big, bright smile, and an adorable accent.  I liked him right away.  That first workout, Leandro showed me numerous exercises that I had never done before with any of my previous trainers.  Next, he turned up the music in his studio, and unexpectedly began teaching me some Brazilian dance moves!  (Not being a great dancer, I had some trouble, but later, with a little practice, I learned that dance!)  He then sat me down and asked me, in a concerned and confidential tone, if I had “a problem with chocolate!!”  What a character!  I just loved him.  But I was so stressed about the pageant…  I asked Leandro, “The pageant is just over 4 weeks away.  Will I be able to compete?”  He replied simply, “Yes.”  He said it firmly, with certainty, and I believed him.  You know how some people wordlessly convey, ‘Give me the problem, I’ll solve it?’  Leandro is like that.  I knew that if anyone could rescue me from my desperate situation, it would be this charismatic Brazilian fireball.  I was finally in the right hands.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

…But on the train ride home, I couldn’t help but ask myself, ‘Even if this guy is the best trainer in the world, how much can the body really change in only 4 weeks??’  The pressure was on, for both me and Leandro.  I was excited, but nervous, and I knew Leandro himself felt exactly the same way; I saw the flash of concern cross his face when he took a good look at the back of my thighs, that first day.  We really had a major challenge in front of us.

We both dove in and attacked it.  During the month of June 2010, Leandro trained me 6 days a week, at the studio, in the gym, and in the pool.  We trained full body, with a strong emphasis on lifting and building my butt.

Unsure of what to expect or hope for as an end result, I vowed to myself two things that first day: 1) I would do my absolute best, every minute of every day, for the next 28 days, and 2) I would not look in the mirror.  I was scared to look, scared of getting discouraged.  I knew well that the body does not change overnight, and that frustration can sabotage your success.  So, I set my mind to take pleasure in the process itself, and to focus only on that.  During a workout, Leandro once said to me, “Every rep counts,” and that reinforced my mindset even more.  Some days I couldn’t wait to hit the weights, and some days I dreaded it, but either way, I poured all of my energy into every rep, of every set, every day.  I got stronger and stronger, fast; I was lifting heavier and heavier weight, almost by the day.  And each time Leandro increased my weights, added a new, more challenging exercise, or made my workouts longer, I smiled inside (even if I might not have looked so happy!).  Each day, when I walked out of that studio, I relished the feeling of a job well done.

There were several instances where something Leandro said struck me, and changed my thinking.  One example was when I pulled a muscle, Leandro had me recite positive affirmations and do healing visualizations, and I was not allowed to use the word ‘injury.’  I healed remarkably quickly, and was back in action in no time.  It was through training with Leandro that I really ‘got it:’  Every workout counts.  Every rep counts.  Every meal counts.  Every word you speak counts.  Every thought you tell yourself counts.  To reach an elite level of success, you have to pursue it whole-heartedly.  (And, if you spend any time around Leandro, your definition of ‘whole-heartedly’ will change!)  You must be driven, relentless…  I had always greatly admired, even idolized, that type of person (don’t we all?)… but I didn’t think I had it in me to be one of them.  Leandro showed me that, Oh yes, I do!  He brought it out in me, in the most natural and effortless way, through his example and gentle guidance.

On Day 28, my After Pictures were taken… and I finally looked at my butt.  When my Before-and-After pics appeared side-by-side on the computer screen, I was literally astounded, to the point of confusion and disbelief; it didn’t seem possible that my body could have changed that much, that fast!  But it had; sure enough, I had smooth, shapely thighs, and a firm, lifted butt!  I looked… practically perfect!!  Leandro was beaming, the biggest smile ever.  He gave me a big hug and told me how proud he was of me.  It was, without exception, the proudest moment of my life, even outshining being crowned Ms. New York.  (Smaller pageants, by the way, often allow contestants to wear sarongs over their swimsuits, and special stockings!)  For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful from head to toe, strong, and in control, like I could accomplish anything in this world.  For the first time in my life, I had mastered true self-discipline, and now I was reaping the rewards of it: my transformation was so impressive that I was invited to appear with Leandro on several tv programs, including CBS News!  I felt like Fitness Royalty.  And now, when I looked in the mirror and saw the toned, shapely body I had always so admired, my self-esteem went through the roof!

At the pageant, I placed in the Top Ten, and came in First Place in Fitness, missing a perfect score by only one point.  The Bikini Round went better than I ever dreamed; I was by far the crowd favorite, receiving the most applause and cheers of any contestant.  I was truly stunned and amazed by the crowd’s strong reaction to me.  And only 4 weeks prior, I had been in tears, feeling like a failure, ready to withdraw from the pageant, and ashamed of my body...!  Immediately after the pageant, I was honored to receive a special invitation from one of the judges to compete in an international pageant in Lithuania, representing the United States.  Training with Leandro had transformed me… not just my body, but ME… from a girl struggling with insecurity, into a fully confident shining light that stands out in a crowd - even a crowd of beauty queens.  :-)

Farha Jamieson


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