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Success Stories
Success Story - Donna Ross


Donna Ross


Weight clearly is something that affects one’s confidence. As an actress and singer one of the most important things to me when I enter an audition room is feeling as confident as possible.  By taking control of my body and doing the Brazil Butt Lift I have gotten in the best shape of my life and am happier and more confident because of it.

Working with Leandro was truly a gift.  Leandro has a beautiful spirit and an amazing energy that is contagious.  He inspired me to achieve my goals and then to exceed them.  I have always been driven but after working with Leandro I have become even more passionate about working out, pushing my comfort zone and constantly challenging myself.  

His workouts are vigorous, varied and so much fun.  I never expected to be able to lift 20 pounds weights while doing squats let alone using 15 pound ankle weights to do kickbacks.  Getting my booty to be so bootylicious was the icing on the cake..pun intended..  Leandro is the buttmaster and knows how to target every single part of the butt from every angle and the proof is in the results.  In addition to getting a great booty I have lost 25 pounds and 23.5 inches on this incredible journey.   On his DVD’s and during workouts he always says “ I guarantee to you your body it will change”  and all I have to say is if you do the work….it definitely will!!

Donna Ross

Success Story - Michelle Stanek

I am a professional pole dancer and when I started Brazil Butt Lift I was anticipating one of the most important events in the pole dance community: The USPDF pole dance competition. Looking good in teeny booty shorts is an essential element to my life and I needed to look beyond good on that stage. Leandro and Brazil Butt Lift got me into the most amazing shape of my LIFE. It exceeded my expectations. I felt nothing but super confident in my body as I stepped onto the stage in my small costume. And...I won!

Leandro really knows how to target the muscles in the butt to create the shapely, firm and perfect butt you want. He can do it in just 30 minutes! I did the program 5 days a week and I still cannot believe how dramatically it changed the shape of my butt—something I thought was impossible to change! The exercise are varied, difficult and effective. Now I know, if I do Leandro's program, I actually can have the hot butt I always wanted. And that is priceless.

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Georgia Haege

Leandro has changed my butt completely! He has changed the size, shape, firmness and the "lift" of my booty. My butt has always had a lot of 'meat' on it, and as I got into my early 30s, it really started to sag. Gravity was no longer my friend, and my once quite round and lifted butt was getting heavy and sagging at the bottom (see my before pics). I was no longer inspired to exercise as my routine was getting so boring (jogging, cycling, elliptical machine, repeat), and I wasn't seeing any change in my shape. Plus, I was gaining weight in general. Then I found Leandro Carvalho and his Brazil Butt Lift program. Leandro works the entire body, with a specific focus on the butt. All of his exercises still target the core, arms, and legs as well as the butt, so I lost pounds and inches all over my body by doing his program intensively for just 8 weeks. The most striking change to my body, however, was my BUM BUM! Leandro's BBL program managed to change the shape, size, and lift of my butt. My butt became smaller, rounder, much firmer and I gained an inch of height where my butt cheeks used to sag! Now I look much better in clothes and much better without them too! (see after pic).

Leandro really understands a woman's butt, hip, and thigh region. He knows how to streamline and tone these areas without bulking. He works the butt from 3 different angles to target all its major muscle groups, so you get the most desirable shape. Leandro is very motivating as an instructor, and his motto "Don't settle for less!" really makes you push for your fitness goals. You'll achieve your best butt possible by doing this program, I can say that with absolute certainty. Just look at my before and after photos for proof!

Thank you for giving me my greatest butt, Leandro!

Success Story - Kate Gibson

Kate Gibson before and after pics
I was so happy to be given the opportunity to work out with Leandro and his Brazil Butt Lift method.  A friend of mine had experienced amazing results with the system and I was excited to see what it could do for me.  My butt has always been something I’ve had to deal with, it was there, and it wasn’t going anywhere, until I met Leandro!  He promised me my body would change, and right before me eyes, it did!

I’ve always had an issue with my weight. My mother told me it was something I would have to deal with.  With diets, pills and treadmills, year after year, I would shrink, inflate, shrink, inflate but with no real CHANGE in my body.  I wanted to see definition, I wanted everything to be smooth, no cream cheese thighs, but how?  I worked with Leandro for 2 months and I saw a total transformation.  It’s all about the moves!  Leandro knows how to ensure a sexy toned body, which I love!  The workout is fun, easy to follow and the new necessity in my everyday life. 

The man of my dreams for the body of my dreams!  Thank you Leandro!

Lisa Monroe

In December of 2009 after a period of sitting around on the couch all day and eating junk I finally took a good look at myself.  After numerous people kept asking if I was pregnant.  I looked like I was retaining water and thought maybe I needed to see my Dr.  So I made an appt. and the first thing she said was "have you seen your weight?"  I was like no not really when she told me how much I weighed I was shocked I weighed almost as much as I did when I was 9 months pregnant with my first child in 2003.  That day I knew I had to make a change and start eating right and working out.  I had joined a gym before but it was not doing anything for me. In fact I think it was making me gain weight!  LOL


I came home and started researching working out DVDs.  I read every workout on Beachbody.com  The BBL caught my eye because he worked with supermodels and I needed my butt to get in shape.  I read all the reviews and decided on BBL.  In February 2010 my DVD arrived.  I worked out everyday 6 days a week and started eating healthier.  I loved the workouts and enjoyed doing them which helps.  By May I had dropped 32 pounds and was back to a 24 waist I had dropped 4 inches off my waist.  I was so excited even though I had to buy all new jeans, shorts and tops!  I finally felt proud to my bikini in public. I danced for 18 years and was always on the small side at 4'10 dancing kept me in shape for all those years.  But when I got pregnant it went down hill.  Being short and putting on extra pounds really affects how you look.  So I knew at 32 I had to get my butt in shape literally now before it was too late!


Now at 34 I am maintaining it and still doing BBL everyday!!   I have to say Thank You Leandro you saved my life and made me feel good again about my body!


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