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Success Stories
Success Story - Kim DeBlieux


Hi! My name is Kim DeBlieux and here is my story.   I grew up my whole life being told I was fat and ugly.  I got married at an early age because my parents didn't want anything to do with me. The man I married abused me and kept on telling me how fat I was so I have had a self esteem problem my whole life.  In 2011, I met the man I am married to now.  My sister-in-law introduced me to Beachbody and I saw the Brazil Butt lift workout.  I knew that I would love it because it works out your bum-bum and that is my problem area.  I started it and loved it and to this day I still do it!  My daughter, who is 8 years old, does it with me or at least the cardio part.  Leandro gave me back my self esteem and I now stand with pride and confidence in myself and do some modeling on the side, too. I want to thank him for helping me feel great and getting back into fitness for the real reason and it's for myself and not for what others say about me. 

Thank you so much for all you've helped me get through in my life!!! 

Success Story - Crystal Allen


My name is Crystal Allen, and I’m a 31 year old mother to 3 handsome boys under the
age of 6. I’m married to my best friend and my biggest fan. I was always considered a
yoyo dieter even as a teenager. I’ve tried all kinds of weightloss pills and devices. I
reached my max weight of 208lbs after giving birth to our youngest son and knew
something had to be done and soon. I saw a post on Facebook for a free challenge group
and inquired about it. After the group was complete and with much hesitation and
excuses, I purchased my first challenge pack (Brazil Butt Lift) and signed up as a
“discount” coach. I lost 5.25 inches off my bottom half, and lost 6.5 lbs in 4 weeks. After
awesome results I decided to kick the intensity up a notch with Insanity, but had to put it
on hold for a little bit due to back issues and multiple daily visits to the chiropractor. I
was determined to complete the program though and did it! Once again I had amazing
results, and improved my power jumps by 35. My new healthy addiction grew, and I have
completed 2 rounds of Body Beast and am in my 2nd month of Les Mills Pump. I
definitely have the definition I always wanted and can do unassisted pullups.

Since starting my first Beachbody Program in November 2012, I have lost 89lbs of fat
and over 50 inches, plus gained 11 lbs of muscle! I went from a size 16/18 jean to a size
2/4. I can now outplay my 3 boys!!!

Success Story - Marci Radford




First off I just want to say "Thank you"! I am so incredibly grateful to you and your program along with my coach, Shakeology,  and Beachbody! You are all simply AMAZING!  You help do many people and I just happen to be one of them! Before I started Brazil Butt Lift I weighed 220 lbs.  I reached my all time low ( even though I still acted confident and happy on the outside, I was secretly crying and disgusted on the inside) and decided I needed a change!  My friend from childhood contacted me and knew I was not looking for Insanity or P90X and she introduced me to Brazil Butt Lift and became my coach!  When I started I was only hoping to lose 30 lbs. (and believed that was the most I would ever be able to lose) but I was astounded when I finished your program!  Not only had I lost that 30 lbs.  But I lost 40 more lbs on top of that!   

70 lbs gone!  What?  Really? 

Well Bum Bum baby because that's the truth! 

Needless to say. ... I continued on and went on to complete other programs I once never even dared to try!  And officially became a Beachbody coach because this company is amazing, my coach is amazing,  and the products and programs work!  You will always be my main man with Beachbody (and I apologize for mauling you every time I get the chance to meet you but I cannot help myself) and I will always recommend your program because I know that it can, does,  and will help so many more people! 

So again and always "Thank you" for all that have done for me and so many others!  Keep being so amazing and "Show what you got! "

Woot Woot!  

And guess what? Because of you I will NEVER settle for less!  


Angie Correa

When I turned 41 in February 2011 I was finding that my body wasn't responding to workouts like it used to. I was experiencing chronic pain in my back and joints which prevents me at times from even getting to the gym. I needed to find a workout that would help me get to where I wanted to be not just for the looks but also to feel strong. Brazil Butt Lift was my Soul Mate workout and I didn't even know it yet.

I am naturally curvy and wanted to keep my curves but tighten up all over and Brazil Butt Lift was perfect for that. I found that my entire body was getting tone, strong and my curves looked better than ever.

I am now 43 and have to say that I owe Leandro & his program Brazil Butt Lift my life. I have never felt better and I will always keep this workout in my life.

Success Story - Carmen Acosta
Carmen Acosta
Hi, I'm Carmen Acosta , born in Dominican Republic, raise in NYC, as a Latin woman, I come with a genetic curse, that says, I'm supposed to be , unshapely, and big boned. I always struggle with weight, and in high school I was the fat girl, who couldn't get a date. I grow up, to be depressed and insecure, which made me eat more, and get more overweight, after having my two kids, it got worst at my highest weight, I was 235 Lbs. Desperate, I tried everything out there, diet pills, weight lose program, gym membership, I try it all, with no success. It wasn't till my friend Jaimny, who had already try, and had amazing results, from Brazil Butt Lift, convince me to try it. I was doubtful, that Brazil Butt Lift would work on me, I mean I try so many diets, and programs, that I thought, what could be so special, and different about this workout.

I ask her who is Leandro Carvlho, and what is Brazil Butt Lift?  And I would never forget when she told me, this is the man that will change your life, when I started doing Brazil Butt Lift, to my surprise it was like nothing I ever seen or done, Leandro's workouts are very unique, and different than anything out there, his workouts, are specially made for a woman's body, and is a workout, that anybody could do, because Brazil Butt Lift, is fun, and easy for anyone to fallow I stated doing Brazil Butt Lift, because I wanted to lose weight only, but I fallow. I did the program exactly, how it was recommend in the BBL DVDs. I started to workout five days a week, and eating healthy, and 60 days later, I was a new person. I had lost 35 pounds, 7.3 inch of my waist, 21 inches in my overall body, all my back rolls, cellulite, gone, I had a tighter( Bum Bum), which means butt in Brazil, my legs were longer, and tone, I had  definition in my body, I was speechless with my transformation.

Results like this take years for others to achieve, but with Leandro Carvalho Brazil Butt Lift, I was able to accomplish the body of my dream in 60 days. I not a model, or an actress, I'm a regular woman with kids, and a 9 to 5 job, so for me to be able to look this good, was unreal, the attention, I get from friends, coworkers, and people whom I don't even know in the streets is overwhelming, I must say after years of struggling with my weight, I have found the program that worked for me, looking at my before& after picture, I could tell you, that everything is possible, like Leandro Carvalho always says DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS,

I didn't give up, and found Leandro, and Brazil Butt Lift, and now with my new body transformation, and LIFTED BUTT, I feel like I could take over the world.
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